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    Yoga . MeditationCath and Calm Beginnings has closed shop in Dubbo and moved to Beechworth, Victoria.
    Watch this space for yoga classes in the south.
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This two-hour class is deeply restful and rejuvenating. The session includes Dru Yoga & Restorative Yoga postures. There is a gentle progression from active yoga to resting into poses supported by props (bolsters, blankets & blocks). This lowers the effect of the sympathetic nervous system, the ‘stress response’, and the parasympathetic nervous system, the ‘relaxation response’ is amplified. Class size is limited and care is taken to ensure each person is assisted to find that position of absolute comfort. As a result, the nervous system recalibrates into a deeply restful state that can be long-lasting. Some say they notice the effects up to one week later.

“I have come away feeling like I have given myself a present that keeps on giving back to me days later” Yogi Granny

"I am someone who finds it hard to deeply relax despite having a daily meditation and yoga practice. Restorative Yoga really helped me to bliss out, feel cocooned, safe, and let go.  It really is a powerful modality for engaging the parasympathetic nervous system. THANK YOU Cath for making this little moment of heaven possible in Dubbo" ~ Lizzie McLaughlin


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Sunday 25/8/19, 10-12noon & 3-5pm

Saturday 21/9/19, 10-12noon & 3-5pm

Sunday 13/10/19, 10-12noon & 3-5pm

Sunday 3/11/19, 10-12noon & 3-5pm

Sunday 15/12/19, 10-12noon & 3-5pm

Where:  Jyoti River Healing, Macquarie Chambers, 69 Macquarie Street, Dubbo     
Cost: $45 per 2-hour class    
  Please book your place    


  • Reduces blood pressure, insomnia, adrenal and general fatigue
  • Improves immune function, digestion and elimination
  • Effective in the treatment and management of low back pain
  • Increases emotional wellbeing, self-confidence & resilience to workplace stress
  • Improves strength and stamina
  • Further research on Dru Yoga

Class format

  • The session begins with gentle activations to relax and warm the body
  • A Dru Energy Block Release Sequence follows to release tension from the body, mind and emotions
  • The main part of the session focuses on Restorative Yoga poses. You will be safely guided into three asanas (postures) and supported with props i.e. bolsters, blankets, blocks, pillows
  • Once in position, you will be left to rest in quietness


  • This class is suitable for the following:
    • anyone 16 years and older
    • mother’s at least three months post-natal
    • those able to climb the stairs to the yoga studio
    • those able to get up and down from the floor 

 This class is not suitable for pregnant women. Restorative Yoga is very appropriate during pregnancy, however, I am not able to accommodate pregnant mothers at this stage

Class Size

  • Numbers are limited to 8 people
  • Jane Welsh is my assistance. Jane is passionate about her yoga practice and is training to be a Dru Yoga Teacher


  • All equipment is supplied including yoga mats, blankets, blocks and bolsters
  • You are welcome to bring a favourite bolster or eye pillow should you have one
  • In the colder months, you will be asked to bring an extra blanket to ensure your warmth 

What to Wear

  • Loose, comfortable clothes
  • Track pants/tights & T-shirt
  • In winter, wear layers to ensure your warmth


It is advisable not to eat a heavy meal in the two hours before a yoga session, however, a light snack is fine


Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes to allow time to settle 


  • Bookings are essential 
  • Your booking will be confirmed via email
  • Full payment is due one week prior to the class
  • Cancellation policy: 48 notice for full refund, no refund with less than 48 hours notice unless your place can be filled by another participant


Macquarie Chambers has a large parking space at the rear of the building. Entrance to the carpark is via Bligh Street,  adjacent to the Amaroo Hotel carpark. Enter Macquarie Chambers by the back door