Yoga for Pregnancy

This specialised class aims to relieve common pregnancy aches, build confidence in natural birth and gives mothers time to relax and bond with their baby.

“The Yoga for Pregnancy course was extremely helpful in helping me relax and enjoy my pregnancy, continue exercising and prepare for a good birth experience.” Maleika

Next 7 week session starts on 15/6/17

Thursdays 9:30-11:15am, fee: $140, casual attendance welcome, $20/class
Thursdays 5:30-7:15pm, fee: $140, bookings only

Venue: The Yoga Room, Harmony Centre, 43 Macquarie St, Dubbo (above Def Chef Cafe)

Sarah & Jackson
Yoga really helped me understand how to relax and listen to my body, I managed to breathe through every contraction and literally let my body do what it wanted and managed it without any pain relief (only ice cubes to suck!). I stood up or knelt for the entire labour, which I am sure contributed to the very short labour (2.5 hrs). It really was a wonderful experience this time and it has left me totally in awe of what a woman's body can do!” Sarah

This class is appropriate and safe:

  • If you are 12 weeks or more pregnant
  • For beginners to yoga and experienced practitioners
  • For mothers to attend for their entire pregnancy

The class includes:

  • gentle, safe exercise
  • breathing techniques for labour and birth
  • relaxation to calm the mind
  • an opportunity to practise comfortable birthing positions
  • ways to assist baby’s position for birth
  • the confidence to birth naturally
  • an opportunity to bond with your growing baby
  • a place to meet other pregnant mothers
  • encouragement to ‘go with the flow’ and accept medical help when necessary

Please wear stretchy, comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat or towel and water bottle

Lisa in bridge pose 
Lisa relaxing


"Being a first time Mum I was quite daunted by the birth process. After these classes I feel much more comfortable & confident in my ability to give birth. Thanks." Nakeeta

It has been such a useful course. I have felt so much more prepared for both the birth & the baby coming home – excellent!" Sarah

"I loved the focus on connecting with my baby & learning to visualise the progression of birth. I also love the focus on the breath." Holly

"Cath’s classes are fantastic! Not only do you learn to relax before, during & after birth – she instils skills and knowledge that makes you realise ‘I can do this!!’" Rachael

"Cath is very helpful no matter how silly you think the questions or concern you may have. Breathing techniques are a great help!" Nicole

"I found the Yoga to be extremely helpful because it was the first time I could really grab hold of the fact this could be a good experience and I can do it. Up until the course I was so scared and disconnected to my instinctive self." Amanda

"Yoga for Pregnancy has been the highlight of my week. Cath is a wonderful person to spend time with & her knowledge & experience is invaluable. I would highly recommend this course to all pregnant women." Kath

"Prenatal Yoga has given me much needed time out from my 2 year old & busy life, to concentrate on pregnancy & the birth of our second child. Thanks." Sarah

"The course is run in a relaxed environment. There is never any pressure from Cath to do what doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Being a parent is the most rewarding job in the world and Yoga has helped me appreciate how my body nurtures this child in readiness for the commencement of our lives together." Larissa