Dru Meditation

Meditation gives you space to pause and rest. It will build your energy levels, boost your immune system, and relieve insomnia. The good news is that just one session will make changes in your brain and your body, and of course the more you practice, the greater the effect.

"I have a lot of trouble coping with stress & relaxing. This course has given me strategies to help. I look forward to each class." Mel

Next 7 week session starts: 14/6/17

When: Wednesdays 6:00 - 7:30pm
Fee: $105, bookings only

Venue: The Yoga Room, Harmony Centre, 43 Macquarie Street, Dubbo 

What happens in a Dru Meditation class?

  • Active movement to relax and loosen the body
  • Mindful yoga to release blocks on an emotional and physical level
  • Complete body relaxation, lying down
  • Sitting meditation, props available

This routine will help you feel relaxed and energized to sit for meditation. And it works!

  • Wear stretchy comfortable clothes
  • Bring a yoga mat (or towel) and a water bottle
  • Pillows & blankets are provided  
  • The room is carpeted and air conditioned 
 Research shows that meditation improves our health. Neuroscientist, Dr Sarah Lazar conducted an experiment on people who had never meditated. This involved scanning the brains of the participants before and after and eight-week meditation program. Results showed that their brains had significantly changed for the better. 

So what happens in the brain when we meditate? 

The amygdala is the part of the brain responsible for the stress response. When we’re stressed, our amygdala grows, and the more stressed we are, the bigger the amygdala. However, with regular meditation practice the amygdala shrinks in size which means we are less reactive to stress.

We can’t control the outside stresses however we can learn, through meditation, to control our reaction to that stress.


"Since joining Cath's meditation class I have unearthed an inner strength I didn't realise I possessed. I am more confident in stressful situations and am using the yoga and meditation techniques I have learnt in a variety of everyday situations. Thank you Cath." Camilla

"By utilising the techniques taught during this course I have been able to manage a highly stressful ongoing work situation with patience and dignity. Thank you." Diane

“Really loved the experience of the Meditation & feel I have a better understanding of meditation after today. Thanks Cath – great instructor, you imparted your calmness to all.” Ree      

"I am learning, when I am stressed to do the breathing exercises. I am more relaxed and have less pain in my body and more supple." Jill

"Cath runs a wonderfully relaxing workshop – I can highly recommend it!” AO

"Cath has a gentle and compassionate nature which provides a great opportunity for learning the art of being still & reconnecting with our body". Liza

"A delightful way to spend an evening! The effects are still felt long after the class is over." Nadine

"Cath’s meditation, relaxation & Yoga is wonderfully energising and nurturing – I look forward to it each week." JM/em>