I loved the calm birth course, the information about breast feeding and bonding with your baby was lovely, and so important in getting an understanding of what babies are capable of. Calm birth gave me the confidence to attempt a VBAC. I actually ended up having an emergency caesarean, but it was a beautiful calm experience, (nothing like my first), and I am sure that the breathing and visualisation skills really helped with that. The anaesthetist actually said that I was one of the most relaxed patients he had seen! The most amazing part of the experience was having my brand new baby breast feed unassisted in recovery. She has proven to be a very chatty and happy baby- an absolute delight, thanks Cath!.

Calmbirth® Refresher Course

This 6-hour course will remind you of your birthing powers

Date and time negotiable

"I can't thank you enough for everything.  I recommend Calmbirth to everyone who is pregnant.  It made the birth so easy and enjoyable!  I will certainly be doing the refresher when I have the next one."

Heidi & Andrew