Michelle, Ains & Caleb

When I found out I was pregnant for the first time after trying for 6 years my first 2 reactions were utter joy and sheer terror - terror of labour and birth. I heard my first positive "birth/labour story" and when Calmbirth was mentioned I was intrigued. I investigated further and found Cath the local facilitator. After chatting with Cath I booked in for her class. My husband and I were totally in awe at what we learnt and were so excited to be able to connect with our baby in the womb we couldn’t wait to try out our new skills at our own birth. My initial terror had now turned into excitement. Our labour was the most beautiful experience we could have wished for. I laboured at home for 2 hours, breathing and visualising through the contractions and when we went to hospital I was 5cm dilated already. I had very high blood pressure and was taken 1.5 hours to the base hospital but kept with the calmbirth principles and stayed focused and was another 3cm by the time we arrived. I can’t begin to express the feeling of giving birth naturally with no drugs or intervention and the way we wanted to. It was such an exhilarating experience to be able to enjoy the whole birthing/labour process and have my husband by my side who knew exactly what was going on and what I wanted and most importantly, being able to connect with our baby the whole way. People are forever commenting now on how calm and relaxed our son is and we put it all down to our calmbirth learning’s. Calmbirth showed us how to connect with him and to this day we can settle or soothe him with just our voices. He is such a treasure of a baby and we can’t thank Calmbirth enough. We can’t wait to experience it all again and are now living in QLD and will definitely be back to Cath for our refresher course. We can’t thank Calmbirth enough – Calmbirth is what birth is all about – a beautifully natural experience.

Calmbirth® Refresher Course

This 6-hour course will remind you of your birthing powers

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"I can't thank you enough for everything.  I recommend Calmbirth to everyone who is pregnant.  It made the birth so easy and enjoyable!  I will certainly be doing the refresher when I have the next one."

Heidi & Andrew