As a blokey bloke I didn’t know what to expect about Calmbirth and I didn’t know much about labour and the body, aside from what the old movies show you where the mother is strapped to the stirrups and screaming in pain. Now that I have done Calmbirth I feel much more confident in supporting my wife and knowing what I can do during labour (the Dad’s toolbox). How I look at it is that labour is like driving a car on a long journey. You can drive it like you normally would (constantly changing gears and using the pedals) which is harder work, exhausting and not as enjoyable. Or you can use cruise control, make the car work for you, have a smoother journey and enjoy the journey more. Calmbirth is like using cruise control. The body is an amazing machine that knows its full potential and Calmbirth teaches you the skills to reach that potential. The Calmbirth skills are skills that everyone can use, they are free, commonsense and I was really impressed with the whole course.

Calmbirth® Refresher Course

This 6-hour course will remind you of your birthing powers

Date and time negotiable

"I can't thank you enough for everything.  I recommend Calmbirth to everyone who is pregnant.  It made the birth so easy and enjoyable!  I will certainly be doing the refresher when I have the next one."

Heidi & Andrew