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I loved the calm birth course, the information about breast feeding and bonding with your baby was lovely, and so important in getting an understanding of what babies are capable of. Calm birth gave me the confidence to attempt a VBAC. I actually ended up having an emergency caesarean, but it was a beautiful calm experience, (nothing like my first), and I am sure that the breathing and visualisation skills really helped with that. The anaesthetist actually said that I was one of the most relaxed patients he had seen! The most amazing part of the experience was having my brand new baby breast feed unassisted in recovery. She has proven to be a very chatty and happy baby- an absolute delight, thanks Cath!.


Just wanted to let you know that I had a boy last night at 9.04, Fletcher Mark. After being told I’d have to be induced last night my waters broke on their own yester morn. Everything went smoothly and Dr (...) was really patient with me. I managed to get to fully dilated drug free and used some gas with the pushing. It was excellent. Can’t wait to fill u in. Thanks so much for all you have done for Ian and I over the last 9 months. Xo


I was a VERY reluctant Calm birth participant-Alicia had to twist my arm to get me there. Because she had an emergency caesarean the first time, I thought that it would be easier to book in for another the second time around. I didn’t want her to go through the pain and exhaustion of trying to have a natural birth, but more than that I didn’t think that she could actually have a vaginal delivery- I didn’t think her body worked that way. From Calm birth, I got a sense that natural birth could be a ‘do-able’ experience. The information about how the body works during labour really made sense and gave me the confidence to give natural birth a good CRACK!. The videos of other people’s experiences were fantastic and gave me a whole new perspective on the birth process. The strategies and skills we learned really made sense, and I left the class thinking that we didn’t need to book in for that caesarean after all! Calm birth may seem expensive, but the knowledge and confidence we gained was well worth the money, and I would strongly recommend that all couples do the course!


Our Obstetrician and the two midwives were very impressed with the delivery and the use of the calm birth breathing techniques to get us through. The calm birth techniques certainly gave Dave something to do during the speedy labour, he was the perfect partner (though did have a little break to eat a packet of chicken chips at one point!). The classes gave Dave the confidence to be "hands on" and to openly and calmly encourage me throughout the process. For me, I expected it to be much worse, so kept waiting for this to be the case, before it was, we had a baby girl to marvel over! I even told the Doctor and the Midwives after the delivery that it really wasn't that bad... Dr (...) tells us that we were amazing, naturals and must try again in3 months!


As a blokey bloke I didn’t know what to expect about Calmbirth and I didn’t know much about labour and the body, aside from what the old movies show you where the mother is strapped to the stirrups and screaming in pain. Now that I have done Calmbirth I feel much more confident in supporting my wife and knowing what I can do during labour (the Dad’s toolbox). How I look at it is that labour is like driving a car on a long journey. You can drive it like you normally would (constantly changing gears and using the pedals) which is harder work, exhausting and not as enjoyable. Or you can use cruise control, make the car work for you, have a smoother journey and enjoy the journey more. Calmbirth is like using cruise control. The body is an amazing machine that knows its full potential and Calmbirth teaches you the skills to reach that potential. The Calmbirth skills are skills that everyone can use, they are free, commonsense and I was really impressed with the whole course.

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"I can't thank you enough for everything.  I recommend Calmbirth to everyone who is pregnant.  It made the birth so easy and enjoyable!  I will certainly be doing the refresher when I have the next one."

Heidi & Andrew